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I would suggest that you try as many as possible even if this only means shouldering them to see which fit you the best and what weight you prefer.Also think what you want out of it , hunting,HFT,FT, multi use, shot count, multi load,single load e.t.c as there is such a broad range of precharge rifles available now.
I.M.O most modern precharge rifles will out shoot their owner/user so it all comes down to personal choice and sometimes the specialist use that the rifle was designed for. By this I mean you don't see many people shooting FT with a BSA ultra multi shot, though I suppose with a few modifications you could, normally though this would be purchased to either hunt,plint or do the odd spot of HFT.
Also consider your budget and stick to it and don't forget to allow for a decent scope, gun bag,charging equipment e.t.c as these can easily double the price of your chosen rifle.
I like Daystates but this is because they suit me and I have always found them to be well made, reliable and have always had good results from them in HFT but others may say the opposite and prefer a different manufacturer for the same reasons so it's a bit like buying a car, while your Vauxhall Astra has never let you down, your mates, which is the same model has never been out of the garage and he swares that he will never buy another Vauxhall and exchanges it for a Ford.....see what I mean
Good luck in finding what you want but don't rush into anything and take your time in getting something that suits YOU as a few wrong choices can start to be expensive mistakes and believe me......I know this from experience
This is the best advise that I can give anyone thinking of purchasing a precharge for the first time.
Hope it helps.


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