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falcons are ok , iv'e had a few light hunter / pb25 or something like that . triggers can be a pain . you will proberbly get all sorts of people swearing on how great daystates are , well me i dont think they are all that really , when you look at the sort of money spend on them and then here the problems they get with them it just dosnt add up in my book . the only daystate i lke is the airwolf but i think this gun is directed more towards the hunter . me im a HW100 man, never had any problems with it touch wood , i think its got the best multi shot mag system on the market simply because the whole mag is made out of one lump of metal, the shot count is pretty good to 6-7 mags before a refill , this is on a karbine which i fill to 200bar and all the shots taken are the same untill around 70 -80bar . i think the hw100 does what other guns do after they have been tweeked or had custom parts fitted . value for money the hw100 100% . saying all that a good old air arms s400/410 will see you right as well . hope this helps good luck.
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