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Thanks Peter, which printer are you using?

I can't take much credit for the prints though - they're being done for me on an expensive Selective Laser Sintering machine (SLS).

The strength of the parts is excellent... In fact when I get a spare hook part I might screw it to a tree and see if it'll take my weight by swinging on it - I reckon it will

I've been looking at the home printers for a while now - they're getting better and better but still not up to production quality yet. They'll get there though in the coming years.

The downside with ABS filament is that although it's stronger than PLA, the layer bonding isn't supposed to be as strong.. well that's what I've read anyway, but this technology is moving quickly so that might be out of date now.

I've gotta say though I am tempted to buy a home printer just for prototyping new ideas.. having stuff printed by an agency is taking around 3 weeks recently
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