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I went to what was probably the earliest of HFT shoots as we know it ... a small group of guys shooting a short course of knockdowns in a wood around a lake in Frodsham near Chester. Sparky was there with Nev George and Supermick.

I shot the course with a Diana 38 and a 4x40 scope.

Sparky says he started 7 years ago so I suspect that was 7 years ago.

I only shoot during a few winter months.

I used to shoot at Tony Wall's Sporting Air Rifle shoots by the services on the M6. You could basically shoot what you wanted and how you wanted. Targets were often silhouette.

I tried FT ( with a basic set up ) but due to back pain I couldn't cope with the sitting. Similarly I couldn't get comfy with prone in HFT so I used to shoot all standing and kneeling and seemed stuck on 48/60. I now do shoot prone and scores have crept up to a PB of 57 but my kneeling and standing has suffered.

I actually organised a winter HFT shoot at a local farm which had excellent facilities. The shoot was a great success and well over 100 shooters turned up in sub zero temps. The sad thing is that the airgun shooting there was run by two FT guys who initially were'nt great fans of HFT and then upset Sparky so that was HFT dead and buried at that venue. It was also very disappointing that Tony turned up that day with a camera and seemed to want that shoot to be a failure. I called in that old farm recently ... no airgun club there at all now. All corporate entertainment. Shame.

I had a 3 year break from about 2006 to start of 2009 but haven't been able to shoot since the Rivi national round.
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