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Originally Posted by SDplinker View Post
Hopefully it's optimized for WFTF power levels and not just a super heavy piston with a weak spring and long stroke. And as other posters mentioned - a dedicated factory target stock would be nice. I live in one of those countries (USA) where you can't really get them, especially now with GinB out of business.

I always figured if I went back to springers it would be a no brainer to get a TX200 but I'm very interested in your evaluation of the LGU Brian.
I haven't actually tried the LGU yet so this is all on paper at the moment. But based on what I already know about the LGU's spec. Given the choice of a Mk3 TX, an HW97 or an LGU, I would go for the LGU in a heartbeat.

It'll be very interesting to see how they perform in the flesh.
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