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Originally Posted by Brian.Samson View Post
Solware and BAR have set the price at around the 350 mark for the LGU.

I don't think I'm allowed to give out the details publicly but I've had a chat with Umarex/Walther regarding the internal technical details of the LGU and WOW I'm impressed!

My prediction on the LGU is that it's going to make the TX Mk3 and HW97 feel like shooting a bag of spanners by comparison and it's cheaper too.

This is looking very interesting...
Hopefully it's optimized for WFTF power levels and not just a super heavy piston with a weak spring and long stroke. And as other posters mentioned - a dedicated factory target stock would be nice. I live in one of those countries (USA) where you can't really get them, especially now with GinB out of business.

I always figured if I went back to springers it would be a no brainer to get a TX200 but I'm very interested in your evaluation of the LGU Brian.
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