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Originally Posted by DEAN C. View Post
Sorry to hear the Steyr has the hump Chris. Nice guns and I have thought about going over to them a few times as you know, but I like the rugged MPR's for reliability.You should have bought Kierans MPR is all I can say.

I am sure that you will sort it out soon enough. All the best.

PS.Dont you fancy an FTP900 instead of a Steyr? I had a look at Kierans FTP and it balances and handles very very nice. There are not many guns that I pick up in standard trim and like, then again they don't usually cost what an FTP does.
Originally Posted by speed View Post
sounds like you need a sorted ev2 chris
I'm sure someone at Quarry will let me have a shot with a FTP. Not really a fan of the EV2 but when they're sorted i know they can be good. The other benefit is that Barry Taylor is not far from me if there are any problems. I'm suspecting the barrel again as this was the one that was re-crowned 12 months ago after very similar grouping issues, luckily i have a new 55cm barrel that i can try at the weekend.
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