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Originally Posted by NJR 100 View Post
apart from when someone with a short shin, using a larger bag puts their knee in the middle of the bag and then has support along their "short" shin.
My pastie making short shined friend is olay at the moment, but when back I hope to do some pics.

The rule is slightly flawed for me but that's to be sorted in November perhaps?
Till then for me, Knee on edge of bag is how it should have gone through
Agreed Simon. Unless it is sharps as heck I just kneel on the dirt and ignore the bag altogether. More stable for me and I am lucky that my ankle holds up (had it dislocated when I was at school (Caerphilly hill - Triumph Herald vs. bike, no prizes for guessing winner), maybe the weeks in plaster helped or the bouncing off my head!).
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