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Originally Posted by fireblade View Post
The main thing to remember is this......

Never abuse your weapon, keep it dry from moisture and wiped over with an oily rag after use and any bluing will not come off/rust.

Never mess about with any parts you are unfamiliar with, or you may well seriously Damage it.

and if you think you have any problems with it, you must NEVER listen to fellow shooters who say, put oil down the transfer to get more power, this will only lead to tears.

and never abuse your stock by droping it on the ground or banging it/resting onto/ trees or stumps for a more stable postition....but if you must?, protect it from light bumps and scratches with some gaffer tape temporarily.

but if all else fails, then A Good Manufacturer would bend over backwards to help you get it sorted ( even when they are not obliged to ).

That's funny because your mate Sam has been telling everyone your reg went in the first week , or are you not allowed to mention that
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