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Dave you forgot to say why you had to remove the Anti tamper, I was at the club when the power dropped, I honestly think you couldn't of been more patient , as you know I sold mine, it hadn't gone wrong for me but unfortunately I hear that the guy I sold it to has had trouble with a seizing cocking arm, I only sold it because my EV which has a Airmasters reg and Mach 1 barrel shoots nicer in my opinion, i also think the A clamp surport assembly is a recipe for zero shift disaster, which pretty much made my mind up really ( my opinion as an engineer ) The accessory rail screw in-bedded in yours couldn't of helped things) No doubt Airarms will get them sorted eventually, after all The mk3 pro target with the mk2 barrel shroud was a great gun with the A clamp removed, ( same trigger as the FTP)
In conclusion, my thoughts are The FTP would have benefited from a fully floated barrel and simple stabiliser ( adjustable spring and weight ) as the the Steyr.
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