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Whatever you do don't buy an FTP , I bought one before Christmas it suffered from zero shift the blueing came off so sent it back , came back with an action that didn't fit properly and leaking from the firing valve. In fairness to air arms they honoured the warranty after I removed the anti tamper.
They sent a courier out for the gun and then I heard nothing for 10 days, so I rang up asking what was going on, they then said the gun had been damaged and that I had done it so were sending it back, anyway after two days of arguing they agreed to replace the gun and would send a replacement out to a local rfd. Got a phone call from air arms to say the gun was there but damaged by the courier , except for the fact they had left something loose in the box that had rattled against it .
A replacement was promised a week later but never turned up, so six weeks after dropping the original back at air arms still no gun, so rang up asking what was going on. Was told it was been tested for an extended period and that it was performing faultlessly , it arrived on Thursday , quick look over all looked well. Roll forward to Sunday morning , put a scope on it and take it down the club . It fired five shots before leaking out of the barrel. Glad to say I've got my money back .
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