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Originally Posted by Waelwulfas View Post
Without dragging up too much of the past, haven't we been down the 'official photo' route with the disabled protocol. If it's stated as guidance then no matter how many red circles you highlight it's just that - guidance. It appears that the actual rule simply fails to mention 'support' at all.
Going further the Rule makes no reference to the photographs whatsoever so again, devil's advocate, the photos are somewhat meaningless?
No. There was a difference. The guidance on those positions was what 'could' be considered legal if it gave no advantage. That was the problem, people thought that meant they were legal in all situations and forgot about the advantage bit or weren't able to tell. Or that other positions were considered illegal.

This isn't a 'could be'. This is bfta guidance to the shooter and marshal as what is deemed legal and not. If it's in that guidance as being illegal then it's as such.
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