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Originally Posted by Ratinator View Post
Right gent's some help required please.
I have been testing some kneeling positions with my new rifle and i would like to know if they are legal,with regards the new rule's.
I have taken into account what Rob said about the hand not needing to be in front of the knee and have to say,my kneelers are now rock solid.
I know what is required of the the bag so that's sorted,just need clarification on the hand.
Thank's Simon
Both are illegal. The hand is merely sandwiched between the rifle and the leg and the hand is not supporting the rifle, the leg/knee is.

For steeply declined targets the hand may have to be inside the leg (not sure if outside would work?) in the air and the rifle supported off the hand. Course setters should ensure that such steep targets do not make it impossible to address the target when kneeling without forcing the competitor to adopt either an illegal position or an unsafe address (e.g. not shooting their forward foot).

It would be like taking a prone shot and placing the hand on the ground and resting the rifle on top of the hand as in HFT.
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