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Default legal kneeler's

Originally Posted by Conor View Post
There is a picture showing the hand resting in the knee and it clearly indicates this is wrong. I dunno maybe I'm stupid but if there's a picture it's normally better than a thousand words and if the picture has a big red circle around it indicating its incorrect then I would go for that. Obviously the pictures have been authorised by the BFTA.

I suppose it down to everyone to do it in the spirit of the sport. IMO 99% of active FT shooters would agree that resting the lead/support hand on the leg is wrong.
I think that you are 100% correct Conor,but the whole reason for the shake up is interpretation of the rule's.
If it's writen then fine,but we can not attempt to enforce rule's that are based on picture's.
The picture's are guidlines not rule's that are writen.
I have no intention of doing kneeler's in this fasion,i just want to get a point across about the writen rule.
If you feel the hinge of the wrist and the hand it is almost impossible to not have both in contact with the leg if the hinge is not forward of the knee.
I try my best to shoot to the rule's and would like it written in such a way that everyone will do the same as me.
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