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Default There we go

Originally Posted by Conor View Post
If you look at the pictures in guidance part 2 on the BFTA site, it clearly shows photos of incorrect/illegal kneeling positions. The offending parts are clearly circled in red.
There is a picture of the hand resting on the leg to support the rifle which it states is incorrect as the hand (alone) is not supporting the rifle.
Originally Posted by NJR 100 View Post
"On the Leading Hand, in front of the wrist joint, only the Leading Hand or Glove should contact the rifle, or appear to contact the rifle.
On the Leading Hand and Leading Arm, any parts of the Glove and/or other clothing behind the wrist joint should not contact the rifle or appear to contact the rifle."

seems a Boob has been made then by the new rule? The part about forward of the wrist being unsupported having been omitted!

EGM prior to gp 1 @ Inters on the cards lol
Conor it does not say anything about the hand alone,it say's hand only to support rifle
Like a quality flat pac the words and pictures do not add up.
I will have to enforce the rules at the Euro's and as far as i'm concerned there is nothing wrong with my pic's according to the current written rule.
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