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Originally Posted by Shaun View Post
Hi Monty

there is a restriction on the export of certain types of reticule. No restriction on buying a comp.

Guys, sorry to "burst" in here, but Shaun, respectfully you are not completely correct in thinking it's reticle related. ALL riflescopes from the US are ITAR regulated, meaning it is an OFFENCE for a US business to export riflescopes without the necessary US Export Permits in place.

If Bruno has these export permits, then you are OK. if he does not, then in fact it's an illegal export and you stand a great chance of having the scope confiscated by the authorities in the US. Most packages these days are scanned/x-rayed and if the guy doing it is half awake, he could confiscate your scope leaving you without a scope and without money. Postal insurance does not cover an item that was confiscated when it was illegally exported.

There are MANY parts and accessories of rifles that are also ITAR controlled.

Cabelas in the US got a $680 000 fine a few years ago for exporting 76 rifle scopes without export approval for each one. It was their second huge fine. Read here:

Anyway, just wanted to give you guys a heads-up on this. I had a "cheap" Hawke 6-24 scope confiscated in November that was sent from a US retailer to me in Canada - I also got a really nasty letter from the US Dept of Commerce, with luckily only a "slap on the wrist". But lost the scope. Lucky it only cost $240 though.
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