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Originally Posted by FUBAR View Post
well this is it isnt it mate .. what if ya eyes are tired , how much of a blur is accurate . cause my zero is @25 i can see 15 yrd clear pretty much .. i think 13yd has a slight fuzz and 10 n 8 well there just a blured blob lol.

if someone could clear this up for me as well ...... minimum killzone ie 15mm how close can this be also how far can it be and while were on it what about 20mm ?

Originally Posted by skires View Post
The Course

Targets will be the normal knock over style that fall when hit, with hit zones ranging from 15-45mm. Hit Zones sizes, their distances & the maximum number of reduced hit zones are:

15-19mm hit zones 13-25y (maximum of 4 targets per course)
20-24mm hit zones 8-30yds
25-34mm hit zones 8-35yds (maximum of 6x 20-34mm hit zone targets per course)
35-45mm hit zones 8-45yds
Originally Posted by Scooby View Post
And how on earth is that supposed to help him, he does know the rules by the way

He sort of did ask Pete
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