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Originally Posted by Ratinator View Post
It would seem that for some year's now it has been ok to rest the wrist on the thigh.
I will look at my kneeler's and if this give's me a more stable position i will use it to my advantage.
I assum that the little bean bag's under the hamster's will be difficult to keep out of contact with the cuff of the glove?
My sleeve contact's the rifle on kneeler's ,so i think an elastic band will be a usefull addition to my kit.
I stand corrected

P.s I assum that the over filled bag's will be the next issue,with the knee on the bag it will support the shine.
Think i might have a bag guage for the Euro's
Hi Si(s),

Yep the elastic band was a solution I came up with years ago to avoid it touching. The shooting jacket can ruffle up so i've been very conscious to make sure it doesn't.

Perhaps at the end of season it can be tweaked to say the glove can't touch the knee? And if the shin/knee thing is causing confusion even with the pics then that can be addressed. The terminology is tricky because no one kneels on their knee. In the kneeling position, without the bag, what contacts the ground is actually the shin... the kneecap is off the ground.

Send the refinements up the chain
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