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3rd'ed as well. I think that this year for weather was as bad as the flooding of last years. Not sure how high the water was at N Oxon at its worse but Soton last year was something to beat at 3ft+ at the road.

Looking forward to next year, will get plenty of practise in over the Summer as I want to try and do all 7 GP's if I can. Not going to tinker with equipment set up as it seemed to be all falling into place over the last 3 Winter Shoots.

Will be good to have a brainstorming session after its all finished to tidy up all the niggles. Ideas to think about over the Summer for next year. If we get to 10 rounds then all well and good.

As said before Alan has done an excellent job with the results over the last few years as well as all those who have helped behind the scenes at club and regional level.

Now I just need to start thrashing Holly a bit more to get him more vocal than he normally is
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