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Default just one problem

Originally Posted by ellis d View Post
Neil, The mfta winter league had 10 shoots, Every one had an easy target for the golden bunny, I don't know if it was a mistake or intended at the masters for the bunny to be a 53 yarder? But If it was up to me, A winter league shoot would be 6 quid with the extra pound going towards the golden bunny...Then u could put it on any target....stander, kneeler, 35 yard reducer, 55 yarder etc....makes it more interesting in my opinion....on a different point wot about a few sideshoots at winter league shoots...long range, reducers 5 shots for a score wins the cash....
what if you dont want to enter, you are forced to pay for it and the cost increasesd 20%
i dont usually enter g/bunny, i did at masters only about third time i have. the idea of a sideshow is ok but if you want to take part you pay. i do not mind the idea of g/bunny, but it should be a decission made to enter, not by force and IMHO be fairly easy shot more than 90% hit rate to give everyone a chance.
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