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Originally Posted by Neil-T View Post
After trying to get some stats from the Masters and Clubs cup about the Golden Bunny, I have decided to post a poll on the subject. The stats I have so far are:
I know that only 19 shooters hit the target which was for me 53yds.
I don't know how many shooters actually paid the 2 ( which was 1 above the norm) but am certain in guessing it was at least 50 as there were 2 cash prizes of 50 which was paid out from the entries.

So my poll is based on just 3 options.

1. Would you still enter a golden bunny if you knew the distance of the target to be over 50 yds
2. Would you enter it regardless of not knowing the distance.
3. Would be more inclined to enter it if you knew it was set at a reasonable distance for most shooters of all grades standing a chance of hitting it.
Neil, The mfta winter league had 10 shoots, Every one had an easy target for the golden bunny, I don't know if it was a mistake or intended at the masters for the bunny to be a 53 yarder? But If it was up to me, A winter league shoot would be 6 quid with the extra pound going towards the golden bunny...Then u could put it on any target....stander, kneeler, 35 yard reducer, 55 yarder etc....makes it more interesting in my opinion....on a different point wot about a few sideshoots at winter league shoots...long range, reducers 5 shots for a score wins the cash....
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