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Originally Posted by Monty View Post
My trusted big Nikko has finally popped it's clogs, unfortunately it went belly up on the first lane of last weekends WL at West Meon. It made a stoic recovery 6 lanes from the end allowing me to more than double my score over the last 12 targets but it is now very dead.

Anyhow, I'm looking at the options for the next scope and one of the scopes on the short list is the Loopy comp 40x but I can't find anywhere in the UK that sells them. To be honest I've not looked that hard and thought it better to ask here for any recommendations. I would like to get it factory reparallaxed to 9 yards and a German #4 reticule fitted so it would need to be a proper agent I guess. I really want to buy a shiny new one, long story.....

Any recommendations of who to look at welcome, I assume GMK is trade only?


Monty . i had a 35 mag comp for some while but it has to be said , the field of view is very narrow . and in the winter or woods , it can come up dark . light easy to use in good conditions on the good side . best with a small side wheel ( three inches ) . LUCK . ??? HOLLY

PS if you get the thirty , thirty ret ( duplex ) get the standard one , not the thick one .
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