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My side wheel has markings for 10 to 20yds in 1 yard intervals then 22,25,27,30,32.35,38,40,42,45,47,50,52,55.

My turret has a diagram on top for 7 to 10 yds at 15x mag, 10 to 15 yds at 25x mag sing the lines on a NATO Ret. This is when the turret is set to 15yds.Do not like dialling down to 8/10 yds as its nearly a turn and half.
Markings for 15 to 20 yds in 1 yard steps. Then 20-35yds as 1 line as only 1 click between them, ideal for standers/kneelers to me . Then the remaining markings march the side wheel.
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