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Originally Posted by MickyFinn View Post
Probably see you then then Chris! Might see if I can round up some troops from chft too?
The more the merrier mate.

Originally Posted by maestro View Post
What does it mean in practice Chris, is every lane marked either standing or kneeling for FT shooters, or can we choose freely from these positions?
Hi Andras, if a lane has a sign with standing then it must be taken as standing, the other lanes will have signs 'kneeling or standing' or no sign at all, those can be taken in either kneel or stand position for the ones shooting FT rigs. FT shooters can also range find the targets.. Emphasis is on fun and shoot round with a mate if you want. There will be decent trophies at the end of 7 rounds with your best 5 scores counting.

If shooting HFT then normal rules apply and if a FT shooter and HFT shooter are together then the HFT shooter must go first so that he can't read the FT shooters sidewheel

Other shoot dates.....
8th march 2014
12th april 2014
17th may 2014
7th june 2014
5th july 2014
2nd august 2014
6 th september 2014
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