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Originally Posted by Tallguy View Post
my T50 arrived on saturday, it is a metric one. I wanted to print turret tape and did the necessary shooting for "calculating new" (1.7cm at 13m with 25clicks) Chairgun calculated as 5,565 click/MOA for the scope.

I could not figure out if it is true or not. Because my findings at the range and on chairgun turret tape/range card don't match.

thanks in advance
The specs for the T50 quote 0.05 MilRad per click which is about 5.8 clicks per MoA so it's not far off at 5.6 I'd say.

If Chairgun doesn't match your trajectory there are a number of reasons. How did you measure the scope height? Did you measure the BC of the pellet or just take a value from the database?

If it was me.. I'd be tempted to tweak the BC and Click values in Chairgun until they match your real world findings and then print the tape. Real world clicks are almost always more reliable than the calculated answers from a ballistics program.
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