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Originally Posted by Knockedover View Post
All being well I shall be along to marshall, take photos and dispense appropriate mickey taking If the wind is like it was last weekend I shall also be supplying tissues to mop up the tears as you leave the course
Not so much tears as frustration at times when its blowing like mad and the pellet hardly moves then the next target on the same lane takes more . Enjoyed the course, not hugelly long but the wind made up for it.

Had about 5 shots that I hit at either 3 or 9 on the edge of the kill so haad not quite judged the wind right. Cleared lane 1 and thought I had sussed it, then double dinked the next 2 lanes with a few lanes of OXO after that.

A few twigs/brambles in the way at times but given the wind these things happen. Anyone who sets a course out gets my thanks. Let us hope that N Oxon has managed to dry out a bit.
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