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Yep, another fine year. Probably the best yet as Greg has said. It is great to see so many new faces, many of which are now challenging the "regular" winning shooters. Some of the shooters who have entered the series this year have done particularly well using guns not normally associated with strong performances. My own Nemesis , Ian ".3% "Howarth stitched me up good and proper using an Air Arms S200 that cost about a tenth of what you would normally pay for a decent target rifle. Just goes to show that talent will always out! Not that Ian has talent, he is just lucky!!!!

Anyway, a fine time was had by all so once again thanks for Greg and the team who make it happen, and to my series chauffeur, Chuckles for the none stop joking and laughter we enjoy during the gentle drive up and down the M6 every month or so during the winter months.

See you all soon folks!

Frank the tramp.
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