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Default Will there be a disadvantage....

Just a quick little bit of information;

Ive currently got a Hawke Panorama 4-12x40 AO Half Mildot, which I absolutely love.

Only problem is that I'm looking for a decent scope with higher magnification, while keeping the same reticle.

Obvious choice is the Hawke Sidewinder Tactical 30 Series - They look absolutely perfect for my needs; Half Mildot, fit on Medium Mounts, higher magnification...,you get the point.

Anyway, I just need to decide on the magnification range.

Now the reason I want higher magnification is that when shooting targets at further distances, 10x (What i use for hunting and HFT) is too low. So I am looking for a scope which will allow me to use it for my general use at 10x, but then used at higher magnification when shooting targets.

There are two obvious choices :

1) 6.5-20x42
2) 8-25x42

My concern is that will it be a disadvantage to use one of the above, over the lower magnification 4.5-14 Version, or my current Panorama?

For example : Quality, Parallax Blur (HFT), etc

The scope will be used on a Weihrauch HW97.

Many Thanks

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