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They are good comments Conor and I accept them.

I'm not 100% in agreement with clubs making up their own rules for those that don't do bigger events.

At our club we have a few guys that do attend the Nationals and others that attend Midlands. We have a small number of shooters and the National lads and Midlands lads are amongst the best shots. The National/Midland lads want the courses and shoots to be to UKAHFT regulations as they use them as practice. If the club didn't comply to UKAHFT rules then those guys would probably shoot elsewhere. So the shoots are to NAtional rules and so that does affect all the other club shooters.

I'm just deciding what FT club to join locally. To be honest I've been to a few and they have all been welcoming and all nice guys. I'm probably going to join the club that puts on the toughest courses that are probably more like a GP course. Some of the others put on courses that are more aimed at club level and accomodate the weaker shooters and wouldn't test a AA or A shooter. Don't get me wrong ... I'm shooting springer and I don't expect to be anywhere near A standard or even B standard for quite some time. However I want to be able to shoot courses that are of a challenging standard, even at club level, so I can test my ability and progress.

There are a number of reasons why people ( who may be of decent ability ) don't shoot the bigger events.

They are happy driving a short distance and shooting a local club shoot rather than driving for hours to a National event. They can't afford the travelling expense and maybe an overnight Travel Lodge stay to attend a National. They like the idea of setting off from home at 9am and being back home at 1pm for Sunday lunch with their family. The shoot takes about 1 1/2 hrs and not 3 to 4 hrs ( 2 shooters every other lane rather than 3 or 4 at each lane ). They don't have to write off that weekend to shoot ( travelling/overnight stay ). They are probably allowed at a club shoot ( despite it being to basically main rules ) to shoot with their mate or wife and don't have to spend 4 hours with someone they don't know. They can't shoot during the Summer due to other committments.

So plenty of reasons why people don't/won't shoot the bigger events. They can still shoot pretty well and maybe better than a lot that do shoot the main events. I'm not talking about me here.

I do totally agree that those that don't attend should not have any say in things that are just related to National events. It's none of their business ... but as explained above almost all rules for main events affect those that just shoot at the clubs.

I do also agree that those who are the most successful probably have more weight to their arguments for the reason you give.

Similar to yourself ( not clothing but kit ) I use basic equipment ... springers / basic scopes. I too like to show that the sport can be enjoyed and shot to a decent level ( sometimes ) without the need for all the very best equipment. That's one of my main arguments re all this kneeling b0ll0x. If you practice you can get perfectly good consistent results without all the issues of wrist too far back or bean bags etc. Similarly again I never try and put people off using whatever kit they wish to buy and enjoy. A lad at our club has only been shooting for a very short time but he was one of the first to order the new AA FTP900. Fair play to him ... his money ... his enjoyment.

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