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I'm sure club shooters can make up their own club rules that they can use down the club when shooting their club competitions.

IMO Rules and positions etc for national events are best discussed amongst those that actually attend those competitions as those are the rules that will be used in those competitions and have an effect on those shootes. After all clubs can use their own rules to suit their members who don't do national competitions but those attending national competitions perhaps have more valid opinions on the actual rules

Those that choose not to attend nationals have their reasons but I can't see a reason why they would want to have a say in what happens in a National when they never attend

I agree it is not all about the opinions of the top shots, as long as you have experienced a national, no matter what your ability, your opinion is valid. However, talking the talk when you can walk the walk holds more value than when shouting when you can't crawl. Ie those with little knowledge about what they are actually on about are best dismissed.

I am sure there are plenty of club shooters out there with huge talent, my advice is get out there and do a national, they you may realise just how good you are. Otherwise you or us will never know.

BTW I will avoid wearing a jacket for as long as I am fit and able to do so as I am a simple person and like to prove it can be done without the need for a shooting glove and jacket, many like/envy me for that but why should I try to ban clothing designed for the actual purpose in a sport I enjoy.
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