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Default Shooting (Gimp) Jacket for HFT

Originally Posted by Brian.Samson View Post
Here you go, I've done some research for you - sorry, the figures for BFTA GP attendances aren't posted on their website prior to 2011 and the UKAHFT figures aren't available for 2008 (so I've averaged them between 2007 and 2009)

What you can see is that actually quite the opposite of your Main argument for proposing a ban on Gimp jackets is happening.

FT has overtaken HFT in popularity and continues to grow, while UKAHFT is taking a nose dive.

Perhaps you should propose that since FT allows Gimp jackets and is overtaking HFT in popularity, UKAHFT should also allow Gimp jackets - that'll be a fun thread
Already tried it Brian

Originally Posted by stillwater View Post
Lost out in a shoot off for runner up spot at Cambridge last year to A shooter in a Gimp Coat, it wasn't done up so the Marshall let him wear it, think the rules have been tightened up since no pun intended
It's me that Greg was referring to, (post 71) I wore my green creedmoor, (which doesn't fit the description of a true 10 meter Gimp jacket), but was told later not to wear it again at a UKHFT event.

I now shoot HFT wearing just a long trench coat & underwear, but might not bother with the underwear this summer

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