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Default New rifle

Evening gents, well I think the time has come for me to change rifles. I currently use an LG300 dressed in a frenchi custom walnut sport stock but I'm just not really enjoying shooting it as much any more. It sounds odd when I've won numerous trophies with this rifle including the worlds and finishing second another year so the rifle is a proven performer, pretty much every time I've shot this rifle I've done well with it, but oddly I'm bored.

I've been here before when I was using my AA MPR and I was clearing course for fun with it and I changed to the LG300 in 2009 now the same scenario has happened.

The question is what do I change to?

I'm really favouring the new FTP, I like the look and feel of the rifle and I really do get the gut feeling AA have done some massive. R&D on this. The multiple adjustable stock really appeals to me as due to the nature of my life style I tend to deviate in body sizes bit (generally shoulders, arms and chest and then I trim back down when I'm not having to carry a heinous Bergen a lot) so having the option be able to adjust everything really does appeal. I'm generally not a fan of mechano type rifles but the FTP seems to be the least mechano like of the bunch.

Also the other rifle I have a soft spot for is the TM100, it seems they are just solid functional, no nonsense rifles. So basically what's your opinions gents, I'm not a fan of Steyrs not that there's nothing wrong with them I'm just not a fan of how they feel. I'm not willing to shell out 2.5k on say a feinwerkbau or Anshutz when rifles much cheaper in my opinion are much better.

So in your own time gents suggestions and advice please.....
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