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Dear Mr. Samson,

I'd like to thank you for the detailed information and the work you put into making the nice graphs. And I'm even prepared to bow even deeper than I've allready done above to the GIMP coat dandy's if that is whats needed to get their hearts and minds calm again...... (I'd only prefer not to bow during the summer of 2014 and while on holidays in the UK, in fear of the fat farting blokes in black rubber gimp suits haunting me from behind ) see
Having noticed the heart rate and blood pressure increase that this poll caused to FT shooters and taking into account the above mentioned average age of the British shooter I would not even think of exposing the declining and possibly allready endangered number of HFT shooters to these effects by starting the poll you suggest above (on this forum at least). As said before: I love you bunch of (H)FT shooters and like to see numbers grow and not decline.

But seriously: The points that the pro target style coat people are bringing up are clear to me. The increasing number of shooters in FT indicate that new shooters are not scared away by this style of dress.
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