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Originally Posted by skires View Post
I really don't know what gets into some folk at times.

Have different opinions and get into a debate ... I do it all the time.

... but remain civil ( well ... 'ish ).

I must admit that I actually find them more entertaining than an actual nuisance ( anyone else feel like that ? ).

I think they should be allowed to post in a special Troll section. Call it " Under the Bridge " or something like that.

When members are a bit bored with the airgun threads, or if the missus or kids have done your head in that day, you can go in " Under the Bridge " and bait the Trolls.

Maybe after a couple of weeks they may be cured and can be allowed on the rest of the board. It could be like therapy.
That is a brilliant title, I'd like to see that done.
I used to post on the now defunct Airgun Shed where the guy who ran it actually introduced just such a section where people on the naughty step could only post.
Everything else was restricted including private messaging.
Less is more.

More or less.
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