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Originally Posted by Gary Martin View Post
you are entitled to your views, but dont try and force them on us.
Dear Gary,
Thanks for your detailed response. But in the quote above you're making an error I would like to correct.

I have posted before, and have to say again, that I did NOT start this poll to try to FORCE anything on you guys. Polls on an internetforum are not a "Force Tool" anyway.

I was just ASKING a question to the community on this forum because I was curious to know your opinions on this subject.

(Some people reacted that they don't like threads like this one. My advise for those is to stop reading them. Your are not obliged to open and read a thread or poll you don't like. The title of this thread is clear enough to understand what it is about. So if you don't like the subject you just don't open it.)
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