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I love forums ...

One guy puts on his King Canute hat and everyone jumps on him. Common enemy theory. We all love it. Makes us feel safe.

I think there's a line. It's one thing having an opinion that may be different to the majority and having the Nads to post it and try and defend it in a reasonably civilised way. The other side of the line is just being blatently offensive and abusive ... that's holiday time as the other fella has just found out.

There's also lots of comments recently about discussing things on a forum. If you only have the BFTA GP attendees talking about FT stuff and the UKAHFT National attendees talking about HFT stuff ... and any talk of changes of rules or dodgy position issues being done off the forum and through 'official' channels this would be a pretty boring place.

I may have mentioned before that the majority of folk that attend GP's and Nationals may not be the best shooters, or the most knowledgable shooters. Filling in a form and doing the miles does not equal great airgun shooter, and there may be other shooters who don't do all the official top events who may be decent shots and have some decent input to offer. Also new shooters will offer an unbiased and fresh opinion, as they have no 'best not upset me mates' issues. Go into any pub or sports club and there are folk discussing sports ... usually football. Most of these are probably so fat they'd drop of a coronary if they actually tried playing the game ... but you wouldn't say that only folk that play Premier League are allowed to discuss it. Have a listen to most of the conversation you have in a day. The weather's been bad, I can't shake this cough, price of milk has gone up. It's all b0ll0x and you'd survive if you never had any of it. It's what we do, as people.

Relax ... it's only an internet forum.

Blimey ... I can feel the waves coming over my feet already ( he actually knew he couldn't send back the waves you know ... did it to prove to his people that he wasn't all that ... bit of a God thing ).

Anyway ... fire away.

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