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Talking dear sven

you stated that in your view gimp jackets are one of the reasons new shooters could be put off!
question why? strange statement in my view. is it because of cost? the look? as many posters have stated some are not overly expensive so cost? the look? have you considered that it could entice some new blood in? makes it appear a little more profesional, poor terminolgy as not a profesional sport, but i am refering to appearances.
the cost issue is a non starter. if i were to take up rallying, i would not go and buy a WRC car, no id buy something that i could afford, start from there and if i enjoyed it progress from there.
when i started attending a club, i had a 1980s RWS mod 45 break barrel in .22 with open sights. then added a scope a 12x mag. enjoyed it a bit more. got a .177 s400, guess what progreessed a bit more, got an FT scope won my regional C Grade winter league, got a ev2 etc. have alook at the flow chart you may see a pattern emerging, evolution of the species. yes i got a gimp suit not the one you saw the photo of, yes i got the glove. i will get other things too. but when i started i was not put off, actually i was inspired.
you are entitled to your views, but dont try and force them on us. if you want change go through the right and proper process, dont use a forum.
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