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Default techy scope question

I got a tip for HFT a while back about drawing eye back on scope to reduce parallax error on closer targets. worked a treat.

I fitted the new viper connect today and I like it a lot. only 32mm objective. I aimed on a target and moved my head a bit and the crosshairs did not move much at all so very little parallax error (which it is designed for)

I then moved my eye back so there was only a very small circle showing and did the same and parallax error seemed to be ZERO. the crosshairs didn't move off target no matter how far I moved my head.

Here's the question though. Is there any reason why I should'n't do that on every shot? admittedly its a bit off putting as you can only see a small circle with lots of black round it and it sure doesn't look right but the crosshairs are still bang on and don't move at all if your head position is slightly off. Does anyone use that method all the time?

To do this i would need to find the target with my eye in a more normal position so the scope has a proper field of view and once i locate the target I would then need to draw my eye back to get the small circle. I tried it at my club today and it seemed fine. Anyone do this? any drawbacks to doing it?
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