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Default indeed

Originally Posted by sven View Post
Woody, would you call this thread with its 122 replies "insignificant"?

I agree with ChrisC and have posted before that for me the argument is ended by the votes. A large majority is against banning them. So we allow them. I have read arguments pro gimp coats in this thread that I did not think of myself, so I've learned. Newcomers don't seem to be scared off. So the sport will survive and thrive. That's what's important for me.

LOL Moore seems less convinced but in most votes I know off, be it national elections or a club meeting, it is a minority that shows up and uses their democratic rights.

You are quite correct about the democratic rights issue - I always try to exercise mine and being a gobby Mancunian I am always verbal

However I did vote on this occasion to ban the coats for purely selfish reasons, I currently don't shoot FT and if I did I wouldn't have the bottle to wear such a silly looking item whether it made me hit more targets or not - so I was hoping they would get phased out by the time I "might" be ready to have a go at FT

To be honest I don't really care what is and isn't allowed in FT/HFT we are all shooting to the same rules - have to say though aren't FT shooters a touchy bunch
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