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Originally Posted by RobF View Post
Simple answer from the current webmaster... it can't. Unless I manually enter every BFTA number into the database after requesting verifiable information from each person to prove they are the email address they use, there's no way of doing it.

I'm not about to do that. That's the official response from the webmaster. So no, the accounts cannot be published as I see securely to just bfta card holders.

If you know of someone more expert then I will happily stand down and let them carry out the project to the BFTA's design. You have my word on that Chris. Simply find a replacement for me that can do that work as you prescribe and I will not stand in it's way.
Cheers rob, your word is good enough for me. Then i will have to prpose to my rep that each regional rep gets a print out of the xl to only be shown to BFTA members on request. Although i understand it's difficult to ensure that the docs are policed.

Edit....however, i trust my regional rep 100% and him seeing the XL and confirmiing the ins and outs would be good enough for me.