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The BFTA is 9 regions of the country, 3 elected officers and some co-opted officers.
Those that attended the AGM 2013 are:
BFTA Officers Present
Name Title
Roger Moy Chairman
Roger Moy President/AMTA Rep
Neil Long Secretary
Simon Evans Grading Officer/SWEFTA V Rep
Andrew Slade Treasurer
Shaun Shore Competition Manager
Lyndeen Calvert Development Officer
Sam Reece Minute Secretary
Tony Cook HVP
Mick Woodhead NSRA Rep/ CSFTA V Rep
Liz Moy HVP

Regions Represented
FFTA Cliff Burt V Rep
FFTA Richard Greenwood Rep
SEFTA Barry McDonald V Rep
WAFTA Pat Isaacs V Rep
WAFTA Howard Lloyd Rep
MFTA Andrew Gillott V Rep
NWFTA Carl Knapper V Rep
NWFTA Dave Schofield Rep
NEFTA Trevor Ryan Rep
NEFTA David Robinson V Rep
20 members present and 8 regions represented. (V Rep = voting rep)

When you criticise the BFTA these are the people that you are criticising. The BFTA is not an entity it is a collection of people who give up their time to help further Field Target.
At the AGM the Treasurer offered detailed accounts of where money comes from and where we spend it. These accounts are meticulously audited by John Lewis.

The list of those present is copied from the AGM Minutes 2013. In those Minutes you will read that the Secretary, Treasurer and Competition Manager are all leaving their posts after the AGM 2014. Perhaps those most critical on this thread might wish to stand for the vacant posts.

Here are some facts about competition income and expenditure in 2013 (does not include Euros)
120 entrants x £5 = £600
9 x £75 = £675
Total income = £1275
Trophies = £538.24
Set up cost = £395

From that weekend the competition account was £341.76 in credit.

GP Season

1222 x £3.50 = £4227
GP trophies = £3025
50 End of season trophies = £825.60
Open class perpetual trophy = £47.99
Team entries = £240
Team medals = £185.76

From the GP season the competition account was £382.65 in credit

So far the completion account is £724.41 in credit

45 entrants at £5 = £225
Trophies = £204.87
Set up cost = £485
Trophies = £240.38
Badges = £150

From the Masters/Showdown weekend the competition account was £855.25 in debit.

For the complete season the competition account was £130.84 in debit

Here are some other items purchased for competitions in 2013.
Banners = £798
Chronograph and stand = £142.98
Dongle = £29.99
Add to this regular use items such as: cards (in 2013 we used about 2000 cards), clocks, batteries, stationary items.

It is clear that competition expenditure is outstripping income.
This was allowed as the BFTA committee was supportive in lessening the amount that was held in the account.

There is another source of income for the BFTA and that is the registration cards at £3.50. This pays for the administration of the organisation such as: BFTA meetings, insurance, officers’ expenses, and affiliation to other bodies …

For the past two years the BFTA has refunded £0.50 per card to national associations; in 2013 EFTA received £541.50.
This season will see a change of funding from £6.50:£3.50 (region: BFTA) to £6:£4 with the BFTA paying the raffle prizes of £150. This means a region that attracts 150 shooters will receive £75 more than they did in 2013 and if 100 shooters £50 more.

These actions, including keeping entry costs fixed for many years, are deliberate to decrease the amount the BFTA holds.
However, there is need that it holds sufficient funds to cover the outgoings of at least one year. So far this year I have signed cheques for £4,500 without any income.

In 2014 I will provide a detailed account of income and expenditure for competitions. I will share it with regions after completion of the Showdown approximately 1 month before the AGM. This I hope will inform the committee as to whether entry fees need to be increased and what is an appropriate amount to hold in reserve.

Shaun Shore (21181 – BFTA Competition Manager)