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Chris, you're not being given the finger. Nor is anyone else.

There is no divine right that just because you attended a shoot or have a BFTA card that the BFTA has to make detailed accounts public and to you. That would be the same as me therefore asking for Nefta's accounts at the classic, the NSRA accounts because I visited the Champs, UKAHFT because I shot them in the past, or all the other series that are only in existence by the grace of volunteers.

Accounts have to be provided as per the constitution of the organisation, or in the absence of that, if it's run differently, by law. But that gives no more credence to a claim than it does for any other customer of a company to ask that company for it's accounts, in detail. Some may be public record by requirement of law, others may be made public in the interests of public relations. However beyond the requirements of the constitution, there is no need. The treasurer has said many times that he will happily answer any accounts questions at a BFTA meeting.

The accounts have been audited by professional accountants. As by their continued qualification they need to look at any areas of impropriety, fraud, etc and have a duty to ensure that hasn't taken place. It's the same as an engineer signing off on an airframe repair. You don't get the right to xray the wing because you're getting on the plane, and the paperwork is only provided within the laws that govern air safety.

Neil has provided the answers to great degree. He is hardly being petulant. The finances are in the open way beyond what the constitution of the organisation dictates, which you aren't a member of. It can hardly be unconstitutional if it abides by it's own constitution can it???

The BFTA site areas are all public, save internal discussion areas on the forum which are for BFTA officers only. There's no way of ensuring sign ups on the BFTA site are just card holders without colossal amounts of work on my part. Even then it's not 100% secure in that fact.

Try and understand you are not a member of the BFTA. Nor is your club. The only member is your region. They are represented by your region reps which you vote in. You pay to attend shoots, and for the benefits of the card. You do not have any ownership of the BFTA than I do, and any more than you do of any other organisation or company.
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