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Originally Posted by chrisc View Post
Doz, as far as i'm concerned the number of people voting for a no ban ends the argument once and for all. It's just my opinion that i don't feel they should be in FT but that's all it is opinion. One thing the thread showed though was how arsey some people can get behind the keyboard
Just maybe Chris, people are getting arsey with their reply’s because the amount of petty insignificant threads that are being started in relation to FT and HFT recently.

Yes I shoot FT, Yes I travel the Country in the GP events, Yes I love the sport, no I do not create pointless threads on a forum to try and provoke a reaction. (And then call it a debate.)

There has been mention of the amount of ‘kit’ needed in FT that puts off new people to the sports, I disagree. But if I was a new member contemplating started either discipline and I read some of the forum members that bi*tch about the sport and create pointless negativity, then yes I would most probably think twice.

By the way this is not me being arsey behind a key board, just me getting a little fed up with negatively being raised about our sport.

And personally for the record if the BFTA did decide to ban a certain accessory or change a position etc, I would carry on shooting FT to the same degree and spend the same amount on travelling cost as I do now.

Everyone is entitled to their opinion, but come on guys keep it sensible.

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