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Originally Posted by dozbadthebad View Post
I wear a gimp jacket and have for the last 7 years these are my pointers
1 its target shooting not hunting
2 you too can buy one they're cheaper then many so called normal jackets can be bought for as little as 95
3 a bit like the hand gun ban if you decide to ban them now after somthing like 10 years you should refund the money us useres have spent
Or like rule changes in golf its a fazed change something like 3 years if its instant you will need to pay reinburse for the change
4 if its your opinion to ban thats fine this is a sport and although theres always room for a gentlemens arrangement its not worth the paper its written on so see your regional rep, propose if your region agree, then take to bfta
5 on another point theres some clubs where camo jackets are banned, if you feel that strong maybe ban gimp jackets from your club
6 and probably my final point with all the things, mods upgrades we can buy to inprove our guns and we all say most of our misses are caused by the nut behind the butt for 100 its an affordable inprovement we can all choose IF WE WONT and thats the fun of FT the rules are open we can all search for that little advantage what ever it is and what ever we feel make us better shooters after all if they really work that good we would all use them as a must after all Calps doesn't use one and hes pretty good
Doz, as far as i'm concerned the number of people voting for a no ban ends the argument once and for all. It's just my opinion that i don't feel they should be in FT but that's all it is opinion. One thing the thread showed though was how arsey some people can get behind the keyboard
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