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Originally Posted by neilL View Post
The requests have been for a copy of the Excel spreadsheet which was used at the AGM.
No worries Neil, but we have areas of the BFTA site where you need to be a member to log in so posting the financial data there shouldn't be a problem and Bri Samson has already said that he will assist with the site to enable more clarity.

But it's the attitude above that really starts to annoy. I'm sure that myself , and others do not apreciate being given the finger when asking for this info.

Like i said i will go the official route even though i already know the answer from your quote above.

Hide behind constitution and bylaws all you like but not allowing the people who pay for the BFTA to exist to see how the money is spent is inherently un-constitutional.

I suggest that you stop being petulant and reply to the thread as, unlike the finances, we can keep this in the open.

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