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The requests on this thread have been for a copy of the Excel spreadsheet which was used at the AGM.
No organisation should hand around active documents such as spreadsheets for many reasons.

Time costs.
If you want an NSRA annual report type of document then that takes a lot more time since then each section of the accounts is presented in text with summaries. These sections are almost always provided by the auditors. That costs additional money for their time, the production costs and the printing costs. Which means more expenditure and less for FT. If that becomes a requirement then of course it will be done (we would be looking at 2016?).

The Treasurer's report complies with the existing constitution and bylaws.

I understand your concern and will gladly accept all written proposals for changes to the constitution or bylaws and motions provided that they are submitted by a Regional Representative in good time for the AGM and in time for the proposals to be seen by all the regions ahead of their own meetings (e.g. their AGMs) so that they can be reviewed before the meeting in November. So, have the submissions ready by September.

Any changes which would incur additional costs should be costed and sources of funding identified.

It is my understanding that each and every item in the accounts was examined and, if needed, queried by the accountant as being a valid use of BFTA resources.

I will make no further contribution to this thread.
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