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I don't have a problem with the structure of The BFTA or how it's run and who by. I think Bri and i are on the same page with wondering why the need to hide the financial information.

I have absolutely no problems at all with expenses being paid for those making the effort to help in setting up BFTA shoots ............ but why the lack of transparancy and the 'you don't need to know' attitude?

Like i said...i will talk to my rep at the weekend and propose that a proposal is made (within the constitutional rules) for the accounts to be published on the BFTA site in full detail, including all expenses paid for what and to whom. If i get no where with that then i always have other avenues.

I don't know about the rest of you but i want to know (exactly) where MY money is going.

Please don't misunderstand that my aim is to undermine the BFTA or those that work within it.....if i won a shed load of cash on the euromillions then the BFTA and HFT would get a couple of million each to raise the profile of both sports. I love my shooting but am a little uncomfortable with the feeling that BFTA is withholding the financial data.