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I was only prompted to have a quick look because it was mentioned on this thread that the BFTA made a loss of 5000 and that the accounts were available to be viewed on the BFTA's website.

The treasurers report does back up the 5000 loss - but doesn't seem to explain it.

It's quite reasonable to ask the question - can this be financially viable if the cost of running the BFTA far outweighs it's income. Which leads to follow on questions - why does it cost that much? Is the cost of bureaucracy too high?

If the burden on committee members is too great (which seems to be what every committee member says) what can be done to reduce that burden, considering the technology that's available to us today.

I'm not sitting here sniping from the sidelines, I've said in the past and I'll say it again - I will write the BFTA a bespoke system (not a Forum with a poll) that will vastly reduce the administrative burden and even the need for so many meetings.