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By the way..

HFT has seen a steady decline in attendances since around 2005/2006 at National levels. Attendances are still high but the number of unique shooters has seen some sharp drops in numbers. This has nothing to do with the cost of equipment, it's partly due to early pre-booking of events and also due to the increase in travelling costs to national events and the downturn in the economy.

These are figures for unique shooter attendances taken from the UKAHFT results upto 2013 :

FT has seen an increase in popularity in recent years although last year the numbers were slightly down on the year before. Again, attendances at National GP's has been affected by the cost of petrol. GP's in central locations still see record numbers of attendances. Millride last season had to put on 3 sessions to cater for the huge demand.

Regional attendances in both HFT and FT are on the increase or remaining stable.

In NEFTA we continue to see a healthy influx of new ungraded shooters every winter league - these tend to be adults and not juniors.

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