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Originally Posted by Brian.Samson View Post
How much money do the current voting members of the BFTA contribute to it's running?

From the limited information available about its finances, it would appear to me that the vast majority of the funds taken in by the BFTA come from the entry fees for the GP's and from BFTA shooters cards. All of which comes directly or indirectly from the shooters themselves and not from the members of the BFTA.

Entry fees from the GP's last year was what - about 5000-6000, Trophies for the year came to 4000 leaving 1000-2000 profit, and yet the BFTA made an overall loss of 5000

Why aren't the people that fund the BFTA allowed to see the details of where their money is being spent?
The 5000 i quoted might be wrong, it was mentioned in passing. But it's backed up in passing if you read the minutes.

You'll see that the BFTA spent nearly 1000 on expenses setting up two weekend shoots. I don't know how that compares with other organisations... who does publish their accounts apart from the BFTA?

But aside from that the you pay for an entry. You get the bonus of having an organisational structure that allows accounts and minutes to be published, and held accountable by the regions and their democratic processes. What you don't get is ownership of it any more than you get with other shooting organisations or shooting series.

The regions seem satisfied by the accounts presented.
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